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Let’s talk Aperture Desk Job in the RPS Game Club, this Thursday

The Grady Bunch

Grady looks at the player, who's just shot a warehouse to bits, in Aperture Desk Job.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Valve

'Allo everyone. Just a reminder that we’ll be live-chatting all about this month’s RPS Game Club game, Aperture Desk Job, this Thursday 31st of August – and you can join us. Simply rock up to the liveblog (post pending) from 4pm BST and share your thoughts on desks, jobs, Cave Johnson’s head, mantis tragedies, and anything else pertaining to Valve’s comedy microgame.

Still haven’t played it? No worries – it’s free on Steam, and while it’s best suited to a Steam Deck, it’s fine with a controller instead. Plus, it’s honestly dead short, maybe half an hour if you take your time. And it’s just gone 5pm as I write this, so I estimate that you could play Aperture Desk Job to completion approximately 94 times before the liveblog begins.

We’ll let you in if you’ve only played it once, mind. See you then!

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