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Life Is Strange: True Colours trailer shows empathy superpowers in action

A power I don't think I'd want

Normally, when I watch shows or play games with superheroes in, I always end up thinking about how cool it'd be to have their powers, but I don't get that with Life Is Strange. In the latest trailer for Life Is Strange: True Colours, we see new character Alex Chen putting her empathy abilities to the test. She can feel other people's emotions, which must be so mentally taxing! Albeit, useful in Life Is Strange's angsty teen stories.

Life Is Strange: True Colours follows the story of Alex Chen, whose brother has passed away, leaving emotions running high in her small town. Alex can feel those emotions more than most, because she's an empath with the ability to change and adopt emotions from others.

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The new trailer shows a scenario where she knows a friend is keeping a secret from his girlfriend, but can sense that he's scared of losing her over it. When confronted by said gf, Alex can decide whether or not to tell her about the secret, or avoid mentioning it to try and mend the relationship, because she knows the boyfriend is scared.

When Alex walks around town, she can focus on various characters' auras to see what they're truly feeling. These auras show up in bright colours, the sorts you'd normally link to certain emotions - blue seems to be sadness, while red is angry, etc.

If she finds a particularly strong aura, she can activate it, which turns the world around her into an emotionally charged vision, where she can explore thoughts and memories to help people. It's suggested that, in extreme circumstances, Alex can even take away someone's feelings. Though, we'll have to wait a little longer to find out what that does.

Life Is Strange: True Colours comes to Steam on September 10th. You can read a little bit more about it in Square Enix's blog post.

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