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Limbo Of The Lost Composer Claims All His Work

While the actual creators of the much discussed adventure game remain incommunicado - there's been what appear to be some faked forum posts - one person connected to the game has surfaced. It's composer Marko Hautamäki who's released a press release claiming that there's no element in any of the music he was contracted to supply which was taken from any other game. To prove it, he's uploaded some of his compositions to his demo site. He does admit that he didn't make all the music, so can't speak with 100% conviction that there are no purloined audio assets. Full press release beneath the cut...

Composers announcement about Limbo of the Lost
June 20th 2008, in Berlin, Germany

Following the controversy currently revolving around Limbo of the Lost pc game, released by Majestic Studios, UK, I feel a comment from my part is necessary as this situation has all the potential to make irreversible damage to my name as composer and thus hinder my future career opportunities. Furthermore, I have seen my name mentioned in several internet discussion forums and there has been speculation about if the game contains stolen music but so far that has not been proven one way or another. Majestic Studios project leader Steve Bovis has assured me that there isn’t any stolen music in the game.

I composed all the game level background music you hear in the game itself, as well as most of the animated features included on the bonus DVD. My music was also used in many of the game trailers and features, easily found online. In addition to my music, there are also pieces not made by myself. On those I can not comment but I can 100% guarantee everything I was involved in and I have the original project files to prove that.

As a further proof, I uploaded some of the pieces on my demo site, accessible at

I worked on the music for Limbo of the Lost game from May 2006 to December 2006 as an outsourcer, so I was never a part of Majestic Studios core team. I also don’t have any information regarding the specifics of the creation process of the game. The stolen graphical assets were as much a shock to me than to anyone else and I hope there will be some explanation to that from Majestic Studios. At the moment they are the only ones who know how or why this happened.

I am only credited for my music in the .pdf manual of the game.

Marko Hautamäki, composer


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