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Little Devil Inside resurfaces with new trailer: "we're still here, have been and always will be"

Nearly ten years since successful Kickstarter

Every few years, gorgeous action adventure Little Devil Inside re-surfaces with another stunning, exciting trailer. We last saw it at a PlayStation State Of Play back in 2021, where it was seemingly on track for a 2022 release.

It's been radio silence ever since, but it has now once again resurfaced, with another gorgeous trailer and a promise that the development team, now smaller, is back "with the duty and conscience to fulfill what we set out to do."

Little Devil Inside's 2024 trailer, titled simply, "Despite all."Watch on YouTube

"Began with a dream of two brothers. You supported. We became a team, then grew into a company and tried many hands to make light work," says the Kickstarter update, which sounds as if it has been machine translated into English.

"Along the way in all efforts to making a great game, many great people have come and gone. People with respectable but different purposes and pursuits. In sharing these differences and thoughts, we were sometimes touched and moved and sometimes in conflict. We are responsible for not being able to embrace the differences.

"And of course, sincere apologies to you all.

"So now, we're back to a smaller, bonded team with a single, common purpose - just to make a great game. And all our core founding and starting members still here with the duty and conscience to fulfill what we set out to do."

The post also says that the trailer above was all captured inside Unreal Engine 5, to which the project has presumably moved, and that they have "genuinely started discussions regarding publishing and once this clears out, hopefully we'll be able to answer what everyone wants to know."

Responses to the Kickstarter, which was successfully funded to the tune of AU$306,515 (around £158,693) in 2015, are somewhat less than positive, with a lot of commenters frustrated or asking for a refund.

Personally, as a non-backer, I'm still deeply intertested in seeing Little Devil Inside make it to release. It still looks wonderfully stylish, playful, with a sumptuous world I want to explore. I am perhaps more skeptical than ever that its world map, vignettes, and trade and combat systems can cohere into a satisfying experience - there's a lot in every one of its trailers that seems like it might be more fun to watch in an animated film than actually do - but hopefully, after nearly ten years, it can reach a happy ending.

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