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Live a surreal sci-fi version of the Southern Gothic in Norco, out today

It's 15% off for the next week

If you like gorgeous decaying cities as much as I do, boy do I have the game for you. Norco is out now, taking you on a point & click journey to experience the Southern Gothic world that Geography Of Robots have created.

Norco takes place in a surreal sci-fi version of near-future greater New Orleans, while echoing the Southern Gothic literary style as much as something like Kentucky Route Zero does. It goes as far as to get its name from the actual real-life town of Norco. You can check out the trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube videoNORCO Launch Trailer | The MIX10 Cut | OUT NOW

In Norco your mother has passed away, and your brother Blake suddenly went missing shortly afterwards. In order to track him down, you have to tag along with a fugitive security android as the two of you go through all sorts of picturesque-yet-rundown locations, like refineries, strip malls and various other industrial swamps. It's fun for all the family.

Everything about Norco looks massively up my alley. I just finished Disco Elysium the other day, so I was searching for something new to bum me out. Norco's atmosphere looks incredible, and its pretty much unrecognisable from its old self. I get the feeling Norco's going to discuss some complex themes, so consider me interested.

Norco is out now on Steam for £11.39, but it currently has a 15% off discount for the next week, bringing the price down to a tenner. The first act of the game is available for free on Steam as well. Alice Bee played the demo during a Steam Next Fest last year and said it "made [her] think of a kind of neo-Gatsby. But way cooler."

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