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Long-range justice simulator Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts released

Scope the newly released Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Snipers hold a particularly romantic place in the hearts of the historically curious. Popular retelling paints them as stoic, dedicated masters of their chosen art, patiently waiting through blistering cold or sweltering heat for the perfect shot. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts continues the legacy.

In a vast and deliberate departure from Ghost Warrior 3, the latest entry in CI Games' far-away shooty series focuses on tight missions within maps designed both for infiltration and extraction. The developers want to emphasize more than simply being able to line up a target in your cross hairs. It seems the logical progression for the next game in the sniper family to task you not only with filling body bags but also escaping with your life.

Ah, precision marksmanship: the truest sport

As Alice reported when the game was announced earlier this year, missions are repeatable and rife with optional objectives, a la Hitman, giving you ample reason to plan out a different approach and perhaps take risks you hadn't considered the first time around. Gone is the open world from the previous game in lieu of bound environments that promote experimentation, much like our favourite bald assassin's series.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is available on Steam for £21/€24.50/$27, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One.

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