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Order From Chaos: Loop Released

Untangle ropes in this tile puzzler

Loop is, from what I've played, a fine and calming little puzzler. Rain hisses quietly and we add plips, splashes, pangs, and chimes as we swap tiles around to untangle jumbles and complete coloured loops. It is gentle. Then we find ourself on a puzzle with a rotating tile which clicks and creaks like a horrible handbrake. But please, don't mind that noise too much. Perhaps it provides balance to the calm, reminds us not to get lost in this world of rope and rain. Do download the demo and give it a go, now that the game's released.

The game presents you with a jumble of hexagonal tiles, each containing a short section of coloured rope or thread or look it doesn't matter it's not real anyway. They're in a fixed shape that'll reveal a beautiful interlocking knot once you've sorted the jumble, which do you do by swapping two tiles anywhere on the board. Some tiles are special, like that fixed rotating nightmare, or contain several colours.

Tile by tile, snips become threads become loops and it's quite pleasant, like untangling a sewing box or pairing socks. Order from chaos. Pleasant.

Loop is $5.00 (£3.20) on It's trying to get through Steam Greenlight too. Creator John Cullen tried to raise £250 on Kickstarter earlier this year to pay for a few fees and licenses, and ended up with £1,299. Probably 'cause it's nice. Look:

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