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Loot castles with a ghost in this turn-based, stealth 'em up

Spirited Thief launches this summer

While I rob dark dungeons and luxurious castles, in my free time, I often think about how easy it would be with a friendly ghost to help me out. Spirited Thief allows you to play out that fantasy in a series of top-down, turn-based, stealthy heists. Better yet, it’s sneaking onto PC this summer and has a demo available now.

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Spirited Thief’s heists are split into two halves. First up is the recon, as the spirit Trin floats through the level scouting enemy positions, spotting traps, and most importantly, locating the treasure. Next is the execution with Elaj the thief, and you’ll need to use everything you’ve learned to successfully grab the treasure and get out. It’s a setup I’ve never thought about before, but enacting a well-thought plan sounds like it could be very satisfying.

The trailer shows off some of the shenanigans you can pull as the duo. Trin can move through walls, distract guards, and seemingly body-swap with enemies, jumping from one mind to the next. On the other hand, Elaj needs to sneak past guards, avoid their line of sight and stick to cover, all while taking turns to move with foes. Although, Elaj still has access to cool moves like invisibility, and you can unlock more with the pricey jewels you steal. It somewhat reminds me of Arkane’s immersive sims. Levels you can move through in a variety of ways, covert supernatural abilities, and messing with unassuming guards? Check, check, and check.

One-man dev Koi Snowman Games partnered with Ishtar Games to publish Spirited Thief, and I’ll definitely have my eye on this when it launches on Steam this summer. You can check out the demo right now, too.

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