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Singular: New Lords of Midnight & Midwinter Remakes

'Twas terrible news when The Lords of Midnight, Doomdark’s Revenge and Midwinter designer Mike Singleton passed away suddenly last year. Chris Wild, Singleton's friend and co-developer on his project at the time of his death, a faithful, multi-platform remake of The Lords of Midnight, eventually took the decision to continue with the game, which was well-received upon its iOS and Android release. A PC version of that is due at some point in the not too distant, and now perhaps adding some more bittersweetness to Singleton's amazing legacy is the announcement of family-sanctioned plans for The Lords of Midnight: 30th Anniversary Edition, and a remake of Midwinter.

The plan for LoM: 30th is to make that an additional product to the more faithful existent remake, with 3D rendering, AI changes and even some tweaks to the game mechanics. That's due, all being well, in 2014.

After that, provisionally, is Midwinter. An enormous, ambitious and bold RPG, it's an important one, and rather oddly in the annals of gaming history, it's also one that's been left alone until now. With Mike Singleton's family's blessing, Chris Wild wants to tackle that next. He's not some random, by the way - he worked with Singleton for a long time, and converted the original Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge to PC back in the early 90s. So hopefully he's the right man for this very important job.

He reckons he'll need a team, and funding, to make it happen. There are no overt plans for the latter yet, but if you're an experienced dev who fancies pitching in a part-time basis, he might like to hear from you.

Exciting stuff. Bittersweet stuff, as Mike Singleton won't be involved. But if this helps cement his legacy, that's all to the good.

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