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Lose Your Mind Over These TrackMania Videos

Utilizing the patented RPS Matter Relocation Device (note: it is actually a very big catapult), we recently flung Dan so high that he landed on Maniaplanet. There, he slowly but surely integrated with their society and partook of their most exotic cultural fineries. When he returned using the patented RPS Inertia Disruption Field (which may or may not bear striking resemblance to a trampoline), he was quite rightly confused as to what exactly both new TrackManias are bringing to the table. Now, though, you can get a glimpse of what he experienced - namely, TrackMania: Stadium and TrackMania: Valley - and puzzle over the pair yourself.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

So, to recap, Stadium's a reproduction of TrackMania: Nations' levels, but in a snazzy new Maniaplanet-compatible engine. Mania maniacs, examine the footage closely. Is there anything that's actually new in there, or is it just the same old assets, but with a new coat of paint?

Valley, meanwhile, is TrackMania's take on rally racing, which means lots of dirt and trees and other things that cars don't like. Plenty of ramps and loops also seem to be coming along for the ride, though, so it's definitely not casting aside its series heritage.

Both Stadium and Valley will be out next year. TrackMania: Over The River And Through The Woods To Grandmother's House We Go, I imagine, will follow shortly.

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