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Lost Horizon 2 ... Reannounced?

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Fenton Paddock might sound like the name of a bipedal fish, but he’s actually the hero of Lost Horizon 2 [official site], a graphical adventure that has you scampering through the Iron Curtain to rescue his family. If that sounds weirdly familiar, it’s because the game was apparently supposed to come out in 2014. So much for that. Harumph.

I’m not really sold on the premise, to be honest. Embattled dude-soldier must rescue his family from nefarious powers. Along the way, he faces the "dark powers of his past," explore "mysterious, uncharted territory" beyond the Iron Curtain, and "confront his own demons." Hmm. Hmm, indeed. (It doesn't help that we didn't seem massively impressed with the first iteration of the game too.) Also, on a related note, am I the only person who thinks Fenton looks very much like like Geralt and Nathan Drake squashed into one face? I could just be seeing things. Maybe.

Developed in Unity 5.0, Lost Horizons 2 apparently boasts of a "new, vigorous and rich 3D world with intricate, immersive detail" AND "hand-crafted charm." The game is scheduled for release in Germany on August 28th, and will find its way onto other digital platforms around October 2nd. Unless something happens again.

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