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Love - A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories looks like a bittersweet treat

Timing is everything

Love - A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories seems plenty simpler than its overwrought name would imply. I often enjoy a short little thinker to tinker with, especially if it's got a story to go along with it. Love looks just up that alley, with its spinning apartment floors that control past and present until you've fixed the mess the characters have made of their relationships. Rocketship Park released an announcement trailer for this little puzzler on Valentine's Day but it's about more than just romantic love, they say.

Love looks simple enough to fiddle with in short bursts until you've shaken all the secrets out of its turning tumbler tenements. Each floor has something going on between the characters and rotating those floors can change whether those things happened in the past or present. You'll move these bits around to solve puzzles and "help your friends resolve their pasts and live their best lives," Rocketship Park say.

“Love is a game that explores the many kinds of relationships we have in our lives and the heartfelt pangs that come with their absence,” says Rocketship Park's co-founder Shane McCafferty in their press release. You'll use your time and building-shifting magic to shore up the regrets that the occupants have about their relationships.

"In Love, we’re looking to create a very specific, even discordant emotion within our players," McCafferty says. "We’re not interested in love, so much as the warm corner of sadness that comes with it; the challenge of letting go of our past.” Well it certainly doesn't sound happy, exactly, but perhaps Love is more like drinking coffee and watching a rainstorm than picking daisies?

Love - A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories is planned for a 2020 release. You can wishlist it on Steam.

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