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Lovecraftian horror adventure The Shore is out now

Sorry, you want me to fight that?

Pack your bags and get ready for a beach trip. Skip the swimwear though, because this one's a cold and dreary trip to Lovecraft territory. The Shore is a mysterious adventure along a lonely island where some of sir H.P.'s usual big baddies dwell. This blue but beautiful psychological horror romp is out now if you're in the mood for a new mystery.

The Shore's creator says that throughout its story adventure you'll "encounter the most nightmarish Lovecraftian entities, all while solving mind-bending puzzles. Try to survive as Andrew as he endeavors to save his daughter’s life and, perhaps, uncovering the secrets lurking within his own sanity."

We've all seen our fair share of tantacle-y horror critters, but get a gander at some of the other gigantic creatures in The Shore's trailer. That giant friend up top is just the start.

Cover image for YouTube videoTHE SHORE | Official Release Trailer

Interestingly, The Shore also mentions "mastering the artifacts of the old gods combat". Based on the trailer, combat looks like it involves a zap-y handheld pyramid device. Most of your usual first-person story 'em ups involve running away from stuff but less often defeating the giant monsters trying to have you for a snack. It'll be interesting to see how Andrew manages to fend them off.

You can find The Shore over on Steam for £19.49/€20.99/$24.99.

This month has actually been quiet enough on big game launches that The Shore is far from the only indie game on RPS's list of top 10 games for February to look forward to. Check out the list for other releases you might have missed.

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