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Hand-ski into VR Early Access game Lucid Trips

Hand-bounce in a dreamy land

One of the games fresh out of the Steam oven (well, sort of still in the oven because it's in early access but you're allowed to start eating it now) is Lucid Trips [official site]. It caught my eye because of its dreamscapes and sense of motion suggested by the trailers I saw. It's a VR project though, and I don't have access to any of the RPS VR sets currently so trailers and screenshots are all I have to peer at.

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"Lucid Trips makes you go on a journey through a magical wonderland. The completely interactive environment, in which you can move around with our unique locomotion method, invites to get lost and explore. Doing sharp moves and hitting the safe shore in the last moment with your fingertips makes your heart beat faster and lets you experience unknown freedom.

"Other players can stoke your curiosity with leaving traces, wherever they went, all around the planet, while they’re creating challenges for other players. You can go on a Journey to follow those traces, another visitor left for you, while he hid pulsating crystals in most remote places."

Having watched and read about Lucid Trips it looks like an experimental project which might provoke cool sensations as you explore or it might make you throw up your entire breakfast. There is an asynchronous multiplayer mode which lets you set up a kind of Easter egg hunt for other players.

The "unique locomotion" they mention is that movement is governed solely by your upper body so you use the motion controllers to move around through things like a kind of bouncy hand-walking or by building up some momentum and gliding or flying. It seems to be a cross between hand moon-bouncing and hand-skiing.

It looks more like a proof of concept or an experiential project at the moment, even though there are those game elements mentioned. Depending on how much breakfast Alec likes having, I might ask him to take a look...

It's £5.59/7,99€/$7.99 on Steam at the moment so not extortionate if seeing what people are doing in terms of VR motion styles is your bag.

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