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Ludum Dare creator's clocklike open-world RPG goes into early access in autumn

All Hail Temos has side quests aplenty and a demo in September

Side quests sure are fun, aren’t they? Newly announced indie open-world RPG All Hail Temos eschews a main story to double-down on those distracting tangents, in a fantasy world not too dissimilar from games in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls series such as perennial favourite Skyrim. Delve into the blocky fantasy realm by watching the teaser trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoAll Hail Temos - Teaser Trailer
All Hail Temos ditches main quests in favour of deeper side-questing.

The fantasy plane All Hail Temos takes place on revolves around side-quests that bring the game to multiple different endings. The world is “clocklike”, with dialogue and choices made in quests moving everything that each decision affects onwards. It’s all logged in a travelogue to map out your choices. All the NPCs and creatures have a daily schedule to keep, and there’s a day/night cycle and dynamic weather to take into account. You’ll be able to claim buildings, and even become mayor.

Your character doesn’t have to bash monsters to survive, although that’s always an option. Predicaments in All Hail Temos can be overcome by chatting with NPCs, or trading, too. The game features the standard array of ye olde weaponry, such as axes, swords and bows, along with magic spells that include the opportunity to rewind time. There’s new skills and abilities for characters to unlock as well.

Solo dev Geoffrey Howland, who also created the Ludum Dare game jam in 2002, says there’s a demo of the prologue coming in September. Howland’s been out of the industry for a while, having worked at Google and other Internet companies before returning to games development in 2021. All Hail Temos is his first new project.

All Hail Temos heads into Early Access on Steam in the autumn, and you’ll be able to give the demo a go in September.

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