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Dreamy moonlight shadow knights in Lunem prototype

Moonlit knights

Lunem [ page] is a ProcJam-inspired work in progress (to the point where it's more of a sketch than a game - a proto-game, perhaps?) but I wanted to talk about it because the protogame shows off a lovely dream-like shadow puppet-ish art style and even if the game never gets any further I'm glad the idea exists.

"As a lone knight, wander the eerie randomly generated woods of Lunem by moonlight.

"Initial mood prototype for a patient side scrolling action game, set in a kingdom constantly warped by an ancient magic."

The game has a single other character who follows you around and moves as if to attack you but there's no damage mechanic and so you can swing your sword in their direction and sort of engage with them but mostly you're striding about on the hills in the moonlight.

As a related thought: How cool would it be to have a game in the style of Lotte Reiniger's work? She created these silhouette animation films telling fairytales with gorgeous cutouts. If you don't know her work I've put a couple of examples below, although she popped up on a Google Doodle earlier this year so she might have pinged on your radar via that. She's SO GOOD though - expressive and articulate and technically accomplished.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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