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Madden NFL 20 makes a play for PC on August 2nd

Clarence Beeftank shall rise again.

As many Jon Bois videos as I watch, there are few sports I understand less than American Football, but even I know that some folks will be glad to hear that Madden NFL 20 is PC-bound. Madden 19 was the first game in the series to score a PC touchdown in eleven years, so there was some concern that we'd never see the sequel, but it looks like EA have finally settled down. The new game is developed by EA Tiburon and launches on August 2nd. Below, a reveal trailer featuring the game's new front-man Patrick Mahomes, and a brief glimpse of the game itself.

Probably the most interesting thing about Madden NFL 20 for me is EA's continued interest in adding story modes to sports games. This time it's called "Face Of The Franchise: QB1", starting you off as a fresh-faced college quarterback, and slowly rising up the ranks to stardom. They talk about a new "Scenario Engine" which generated new events and challenges over the course of the campaign. The other big flagship feature is the buzzwordtacular "Superstar X-Factor", which translates to famous NFL players getting trademark moves and plays represented in the game.

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Speaking as someone hideously confused by the whole sport (and most big-team games, for that matter), I still hold some interest in Madden 20. Mainly the hopes of a nightmare team editor, combined with photo-realistic glitches capable of giving us another run of Breaking Madden on SBNation. Plus, the existence of a PC version theoretically opens up the possibility of mods. If nothing else, just watch the intro video below to 2015's nightmare finale. Tiny men die, footballs are haunted, and anyone who says that videogames aren't art should just go get their coats.

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Madden NFL 20 launches on August 2nd. You can find it here on Origin. It costs £55/€60/$60 or more if you want extra loot boxes containing burly football men, and a three-day head start - a regrettable EA staple. The game will also be available as part of the Origin Access Premier subscription.

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