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Madness: Entire World Of Warcraft Recreated In Minecraft

This is basically staggering. Have you ever considered building a ship in a bottle? Well, this is sort of like that - except someone essentially decided to build a bottle around a full-sized war galleon. In short, this is all of  World of Warcraft's Azeroth (read: no Outland, Northrend, or Pandaria... yet) recreated to 1:1 scale in another slightly popular game that prominently features "craft" in its title. Apparently, that herculean construction effort necessitated 68 billion blocks. And yet, one person managed it all by their lonesome. But how?

Well, pretty much exactly like this:

"I developed software to convert the continents of World of Warcraft into Minecraft blocks. The software converts everything in the game, including all the buildings and natural details, down to the individual tree stump. Once the parameters for the software have been set, the entire conversion process takes approximately 24 hours and requires no human intervention. Prior to the conversion process, I needed to match textures from World of Warcraft to the appropriate material in Minecraft."

As a result, some locations didn't entirely make the jump with all their proper colors intact, but - after looking through this before-and-after gallery - I still needed to de-slack my jaw, which had danced down to the floor in much the same fashion as a feather wafting on the breeze. Except faster and with more crashing into solid tile.

You can grab the entire 275 kilometer behemoth in these here parts - to the tune of a 2 GB download. Be warned, though: the actual map it ultimately generates will devour a whopping 24 GB of hard drive space. Worlds, as it turns out, are kind of big.

In other news, the most elaborate object I've recently crafted is a coffee creamer pyramid. It used significantly fewer than 68 billion coffee creamer packages - though probably more than you'd expect. These sorts of Minecraft projects, though, really put things in perspective. I mean, I can already hear my internal monologue going, "Why aren't you creating Westeros and building The Wall out of artificial sweeteners, Nathan? Why aren't you? What are you even doing with your life?"

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