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Mafia: Definitive Edition shows off its updated gunfights in a new gameplay video

Here's 11 minutes of mission gameplay

The Mafia: Definitive Edition remake is coming in September, but you can take a look at some of the remade missions ahead of time in a new video. Lost Heaven looks much shinier, of course, and its characters have gotten a glowup, but there have been some updates to how it plays as well, which Hangar 13 explain.

The new gameplay video takes a look at the mission "A Trip To The Country" where Tommy and Paulie are off to pick up some illicit whiskey and wind up needing to save their buddy Sam instead. Hangar 13 explain a bit about what they've added and changed in the commentary over top. The mission properly starts at the three minute mark below if you're keep to cut to the action.

One of the big changes, they say, are gunfights. "We started with the visceral combat and core shooting mechanics of Mafia 3 but then tailored that experience to fit the Mafia narrative, time period, and characters," says chief creative officer Haden Blackman.

For the game's default difficulty, Hangar 13 want players to carefully consider weapon choice, cover, and when to blind fire versus risking their neck by aiming down sights. Tommy isn't a trained soldier like Mafia 3's Lincoln Clay, they say. Granted, he can still solo a whole squad of attackers, as protagonists do.

Along with all that, you'll spot some usual suspects: carefully stacked crates for takin' cover, big red barrels for exploding, and your guy Tommy wielding a Tommy Gun. Anything less on the nose would be considered criminal, I suppose.

The mission wraps with a police shootout which leads to an escape from the farm, via car chase. You can't go doing a crime 'em up without a car chase.

We also got eyes on a narrative trailer for the definitive edition last month, a quick look at the whos and wheres instead of the guns.

You can find the Mafia: Definitive Edition over on Steam and the Epic Games Store where it will launch on September 25th for £35/€40/$40.

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