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Magic: Legends, an action-RPG in MtG clothing, enters open beta in March

Build a deck Magic-style while boshing crowds Diablo-style

Magic: Legends is entering open beta on March 23rd. This is Cryptic Studios' free-to-play action-RPG, in which you put together a deck of cards while beating up swarms of monsters, Diablo-style. There's a new trailer, every second of which looks identical to almost every other second.

Magic: Legends boils the card game's five elements of magic into five classes, like the Geomancer and Beastcaller. You build a deck of spells as you play, and then those spells are drawn at random during combat. That sounds like it might be a midly interesting twist on typical action-RPG theorycrafting.

The trailer above didn't have a lot of time to explain what was interesting about the game, but the developers released a five minute video a couple of weeks ago that went into more detail about the game's deckbuilding system.

Cover image for YouTube videoMagic: Legends | Deckbuilding Fundamentals

Heck, that videos just better across the board. The combat looks a lot more fun when you've time to work out what's happening before another cut comes.

I'm not a huge Magic fan, but I'm interested in this in part because the game is from Cryptic Studios, the makers of old RPS favourite City Of Heroes (and Star Trek Online, which is still regularly updated, somehow).

You can sign up for the Magic: Legends beta at its official site.

Magic: Legends was featured as part of today's Epic Games Store spring showcase, highlighting new and exclusive games coming to the storefront in 2021. Magic: Legends isn't an exclusive and will be available via its own site and Steam. The biggest news of the evening was that the entire Kingdom Hearts series was heading to PC, and you can watch the full showcase below.

Cover image for YouTube videoEpic Games Store Spring Showcase

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