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Magnificently Moody: Monochroma

I awoke this morning to an email from Jim. He was telling me there is news to be made out of Monochroma. "Ah, isn't that lovely," I said to no-one in particular. "Jim is being altruistic, again". Then I watched the trailer and heard the word "zeppelin". Of course! Jim loves zeppelins! He is a balloon loon. An aircraft aesthete. A dirigible, er, daddy? Hint: if you put an airship in game, he will buy it. But that's not enough for me to write a story, no matter how lazy I am. Monochroma's world, a bleak, industrial future that you're carrying your little brother through, is definitely worth casting your eyes over. I have both a trailer and a demo to help you do that.

As Adam pointed out yesterday, they're hoping for Kickstarter help. But instead of enticing you with words and pictures, you can grab a demo here. It's about 30 minutes long, and lets you experience the opening of the game. It has an Ico-ish tone: you're the big brother, carrying your little brother through the world. He's scared of the dark, so when you have to put him down to attempt a puzzle, you'll have to find a pool of light to do so.

Physics puzzles and brooding are below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Despite the fact that they're promising to redo the animation (it's the newest addition to the code), I have to say I found the way the little one gripped onto the elder boy quite sad. It made me miss my cat.

It's expected by December 2013.

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