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Majesty 2: Battles Of Ardania Goes Gold

The second expansion for fantasy village bribery sim Majesty 2, Battles of Ardania, is out now. Ardania adds a new 8 mission campaign, 4 new multiplayer maps, a sprinkling of new weapons and a couple of glugs of new monsters. I sat down with Alec, RPS's resident Majesty 2 veteran, to ask him how he felt about this expansion. Not that he's actually played it or anything.

RPS: How do you feel about this expansion coming out?

Alec: It looks like they still haven't built upon the mechanics, which is what they really need to do, instead of just churning out new content (as with the last expansion). I suppose I'd have to play it. I haven't played it.

RPS: Do you still have a cat? How's your cat?

Alec: Well, and currently hungry.

RPS: Thanks for your time.

Finally, here's a new video from Majesty 2 developer 1C talking about Battles of Ardania. It's pretty good! He refers to gnomes as "little buggers".

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