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Make Space Engineers looks a little more Satisfactory with the Heavy Industry update

Some new free features and a lot of paid cosmetic blocks

Space Engineers feels ancient to me at this point, but it seems only to grow in popularity. Its developers continue to support the game, too: today saw the release of the 1.199 major update and the Heavy Industry DLC pack. The changes are largely cosmetic, but it's good stuff if you like building big factories full of pipes.

Here's a trailer which introduces the new items:

Cover image for YouTube videoSpace Engineers: Update 1.199 - Heavy Industry

Let's talk about the free update first. In a blog post laying out the changes, the developer's outline the new armor panel blocks, magnetic plates, and improvements to the brake and power toggles. They're not earth-shattering changes, but nice quality-of-life improvements.

The Heavy Industry DLC only makes cosmetic changes, but feels more substantial anyway. It adds large magnetic plates, beam blocks, conveyor pipes, cylindrical columns, and reskins of equipment like the Large Cargo Container. It all sounds like niche stuff, and it is, but the joy of a game like Space Engineers is building things and then re-designing and rebuilding those things. Being able to make it shiny white is good.

The DLC will cost you £2.89/$4/€3.29, and is available from Steam.

Of course, if Space Engineers isn't really your thing, you could simply read our nine-part Space Engineers diary, Wastes Of Space. The RPS team turned the game into an RPG, with a crazed game master dictating their tasks, and as RPS group diary series go, I always felt this one deserved more attention and love.

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