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Make townsfolk finish their whisky or beer in Oi, Innkeep!

Dance or die

If you're like me, you enjoyed Stardew Valley but wished that it could have focused more on terrible drunken shenanigans, the cleaning of vomit from revelers, and generally keeping this party going. Wait, you didn't wish that Stardew was more of a fraternity simulator? I'm alone on this? That's fine. I know who I am.

I've got Oi, Innkeep! to help me live out my fantasy of becoming a Medieval Tom Cruise character. Let's get our mead on.

In this new indie title from first-timers Bad Bandit Games, you're the owner of an old, rundown magical tavern and it's up to you to clean the place up. Although cleaning it up is sort of relative for a house of sin and violent delights. Along the way, a magical painting guides your journey, as you befriend costumers and mix farming, cooking, decorating, and event planning in an effort to kickstart a thriving business.

Along the way, you'll dabble in the invention of new menu items as you grow new ingredients, expand into property management and rentals, and adjust to the fluctuating needs and options for your inn as the seasons change. This first person hospitality simulator also looks cute as can be, especially when you're handling drunken customers. You need to be prepared to let your patrons fight to the death or distract them -- mayhaps with dancing or clever dialogue?

Any game that gives me the option between dancing and death is inherently a good game. This drunken diplomacy sim is calling to me.

There is no release date set yet for the game aside from a general 2018, but I promise to keep you updated so we can all do Semisonic references at adventurers together.

Check out the trailer here:

Cover image for YouTube video

I am especially keen on this segment. I love watching these characters eat. Is that weird? That's probably weird. But c'mon, this is adorable. It's even adorable vomit. (Okay, I did hear it that time. That's absolutely weird and I should not have shared.)

You can wishlist the game on Steam now.

(Also, if you're looking for a booze based adventure, I feel like no one gave enough attention to Wasted from Adult Swim Games back in 2016. That's up on Steam if you want to give it a spin.)

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