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Mama Said Zox - you out?

Yes, Mama, Zox is out. Specifically Zox: Space Arena, a five-player arena based combat game. I haven't had a chance to play it much - Jim refuses to stay in my room for more than five seconds as it's a tip - and because there's no computer AI. But if you have a mass of friends and joypads, this may be worth a crack. It's a Bomber-man-esque thing with a splash of physics - that is, the maze is full of blocks which are actual physics objects, which move when the bomb go off. It actually reminds me of Psycho Pigs UXB, which is showing my age.

Less than a Peggle in size, it can be downloaded here and there's a video beneath the cut.

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I'm also horrified that the amazing Your Sinclair Psycho Pigs UXB cover isn't anywhere online. Or even a decent sized scan of the infamous advert. Man!

Edit: Kelduum finds it...


People ask why videogame magazine sales are falling. Some blame the internet. Some blame endemic cynicism and the belief in their absolute corruption. I say it's because no-one does covers like this anymore.

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