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Marshmellow Day Spa is the most adorable hot chocolate simulator you'll see today

Winter cocoa

It is, as I have mentioned once or twice this weekend, cold. Luckily, Marshmellow Day Spa is here to warm the soul.

It’s all about giving these little bundles of fluff the perfect cocoa bath to soak in, and it’s just as cute as it sounds, as you can see below:

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I think the holly berry decorations and plinky piano-violin-chimes music might mark this one as a Christmassy game, but time is fake and we’ve still got a whole lot of hot chocolate season left, so it’s relevant enough.

I’m also not sure what quirky architect decided to put platforming in for these poor waiter-marshmallows to contend with as they make the perfect combination of flavours and toppings in these definitely-not-for-eating spa baths, but it does add a level of challenge to the game. Don’t worry, though, falling into those endless pits just drops you back into the middle of the room. There’s no marshmallow death here.

If you're not keen on rushing around trying to please all the customers within the time limit, there's also a 'practice' mode, which is functionally a chill, endless adventure where everyone's happy to wait as long as it takes to get their bath. Being much less intense, it gives you a lot more time to appreciate the pleasing waddle of your character on their teeny tiny legs.

My only hope is that these adorable mallows get to cycle out, so that the workers become the ones getting to chill, and vice versa. I have to assume in a world as utopic as this one, everyone gets a good work-life balance.

You can download Marshmellow Day Spa for free on

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