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Masq Interview

Odd Timing on this. On the day I finally delete the Masq executable from my desktop, figuring I can always download it again, I get a mail from Chris Evans, noting that he's interviewed its creator for his Evo-Gamer. Javier Maldonado talks about his influences ("David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and Latin-American Soap operas"), his training ("My background is as a comic writer and I went to Film School, so I am a storyteller at heart that happened to know some basic programming") and where he may be going next ("I’m proud of Masq, but we may have to come up with more family-oriented titles before exploring more adult themes again.") You haven't played Masq? Oh, c'mon. Go give it a shot. PCG's Tom Francis noted that "The level of meaningful freedom here puts Deus Ex to shame" and the man isn't entirely devoid of intelligence. It's one of the most complicated Choose Your Own Adventures the world has ever seen; the first choice, of course, is choosing to play the bally thing. Oh - and sex and violence and serious discussions about fashion show financing.

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