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Mass Effect art book listing rekindles rumours of a remastered trilogy in March

Still no announcement

Though EA's notE3 showcase has come and gone with nary a mention of a remastered Mass Effect trilogy, rumours persist. Now they're being stoked again by an Amazon listing apparently revealing an expanded version of the art book, The Art Of The Mass Effect Trilogy is coming in March 2021. Which makes some fans wonder: why expand the art book now? Hell, we all need something to believe in.

The new version of Dark Horse's art book has not been officially announced either, you know. But the Amazon listing says this expanded edition "contains extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games--including the award-winning 'Lair Of The Shadow Broker' from Mass Effect 2 and the fan-favorite 'Citadel' from Mass Effect 3." It adds that the book "is the ultimate companion to one of the greatest series in the history of gaming!" Great enough to remaster?

Amazon says the book will launch March 23rd, 2021 aaand the wholly unsubstantiated rumours have previously said the trilogy's remaster would come by the end of March 2021. Which could be encouraging, or could mean nothing.

If BioWare really did have a Mass Effect trilogy remaster on the way, would EA not have announced it at E3? I mean, they announced the vague belief that it would be nice to make a new Skate and showed short environment shots from what might be Dragon Age 4 so it's not like they focused on games coming soon. Their show was a wash and this news would have been received warmly. But if you want, you could pin your hopes on an announcement during Bioware's N7 Day festivities on November 7.

I believe in the remastered trilogy enough that when I recently got the urge to go back through again, I started Mass Effect Andromeda instead. I want to believe.

Our Imogen has some ideas on what she wants from a Mass Effect trilogy remaster. Rumours and supposed leaks about what the hypothetical remastered trilogy have kept coming, including this blast of supposed changes in a Reddit post - which one serial rumour monger has dismissed it as fake. Mate go wild, spread your own fake rumours, have a ball. Here's a fakie from me: you'll be able to sacrifice both Ashley and Kaiden Kaidan that whiny idiot to get them the hell off your spaceship.

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