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Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 is in No Man's Sky now

Nor Mandy's Sky

No Man's Sky's most recent expedition sounds like a toughy, but stick with it, because it's hiding an excellent Easter egg at the end. Hello Games have revealed that players who complete the Beachhead expedition before May 31st will be met with Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 arriving in style right over their heads. You get to keep it too - Shepard's ship will be a permanent part of your No Man's Sky frigate fleet.

Man, I always thought No Man's Sky wasn't for me, then they add something super cool like this.

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No Man's Sky's expeditions are kinda like the game's version of seasonal missions. Each time one launches, players have a limited amount of time to complete certain goals to earn some goodies. The latest expedition Beachhead arrived earlier this week, dropping players onto a frozen planet, and challenging them to get off of it (before being assigned more planet-exploring tasks).

Reach the end of Beachhead, however, and (at least for Mass Effect fans) the reward seems well worth it. It adds the Normandy SR1 to the fleet of ships you're able to send out on looting missions. (Unfortunately, you can't fly it personally. But you can always imagine that Joker and Shepard are up there, gossiping about love triangles while they help you out.)

"We are thrilled and flattered that BioWare and EA let us pay tribute in this way," said Hello Games' Tim Woodley. "As huge fans of the series, it’s a lovely moment for sci-fi fans. It comes at such an exciting time for Mass Effect, with so many people discovering and rediscovering this amazing universe through the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition."

I admire that they've gone for the SR1, the version of the Normandy from the first Mass Effect game. That's the ship that sees the most exploration of uncharted planets throughout BioWare's space-RPG series - a fitting addition to No Man's Sky.

If you want to nab the SR1 for yourself, you have until the end of the month to complete No Man's Sky's Beachhead expedition. Or you could play Mass Effect in the new Legendary Edition remaster, which came out last week.

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