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Meet Dave Irwin, RPS's new guides writer

Finally a new name

Last year, we identified three core areas we want to do more of at RPS: hardware, video, and guides. We'd dabbled in all three previously but hadn't had the chance to fully commit. Last November we hired our hardware editor, over the past six weeks we've hired two video producers, and now we have our first guides writer: please join me in welcoming Dave Irwin to the team.

Dave joins us after a lengthy spell as a freelancer, writing for sites such as TheSixthAxis, Tech Advisor and Kotaku. You might have already seen some of his guides work already appearing on the site over the past couple of weeks, as he helped us frantically collate information during E3 and expand our Plunkposts.

Our hope with guides is to do what we always do: highlight the kinds of games - often PC exclusive - that other sites tend to overlook. The guides themselves should help you to have more fun at games, get better at games, or whatever else you're interested in learning.

And if you're not interested at all, fear not: as always, everything else RPS has always done will continue as before. Guides are happening as well as rather than instead of anything else. We'll also have one more announcement of a new hire tomorrow that'll help make all of that other stuff better.

In the meantime, please say hello to Dave in the comments.

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