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Mega Man Zero-inspired Gigabuster hits Kickstarter, and you can play a demo right now

Bustin' makes me feel good

Gigabuster is a shooty splosion-filled sidescroller inspired by Megamen both X and Zero that pits you and a pair of big boots against the faces of corporate CEOs. Best of all, you don't even have to listen to a CEO talk about it awkwardly for thirty minutes, because there's a demo available right now. Stick on some spandex and somersault yourself in front of the trailer below:

From what I've played of the demo, I'm certainly getting a sense of some of the promises made on the Kickstarter page. The core philosophy here seems to be mobility, pace, and the complete elimination of any and all downtime. The aesthetic is thoughtful, and hints at an interesting world, but Gigabuster seems more concerned with letting you go at your speed.  "All dialogue and cinematics are skippable," the Kickstarter page reckons "including the intro stage for repeat playthroughs."

I'd say that's more or less accurate. The demo kicks you off with a boost dash and some seriously fluid jumping capabilities, as well as ranged and melee weaponry, which looks like it can be mixed and matched out later. It's also got some seriously neat enemy designs, including giant floating ice cream cone robots, as is customary around such parts.

As well as baseball bats, halberds and other collectable weapons, Gigabuster promises "A colourful cast of very normal well-adjusted everyday CEOs to argue with." Liz, our protagonist, is out to stop some evil corporations getting in a cheeky round of corporate evil. The developers are planning on featuring nine companies in all, divided into sets of three that you can take on in whatever order you like, and a hub world to (possibly) make yourself a nice slice of toast between the action.

You can back the game on Kickstarter, find the demo on Game Jolt , and wishlist it on Steam. It's everywhere!

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