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Mega Modders Bring Sonic Unleashed To The PC

How do modders mod games without any mod tools? It's a conundrum I have no intention of finding out the answer to, because in my mind the modders are Timothy Olyphant and Robert Downey Jr. as two mismatched hack cops with 24 hours to hack the game or the terrorists will destroy the concept of Greenwich Mean Time. Tim has played by the rules all his life, but he needs someone who thinks outside the box to help him into Sonic Generation's twisty code. Tim's just shouted that he's 'cracked the backdoor' and RDJ responded with a smutty remark and a raised eyebrow that was a little too suggestive. Tim tried to laugh it off, but the sexual tension is now palpable. What's that, Robert? Why, that's crazy talk. It would never... oh my god, he's in! He's made it. He can now mod Sonic Generations. They just hugged in celebration! But this post isn't about my entirely appropriate manflesh fantasies (find out in my upcoming feature film, "Sexy Hacks"). No, this is about a Sonic Generations total conversion, bringing the previously non-PC Sonic Unleashed to the master system.

That was a clever pun to end on, eh? However sensually the conversion was managed, there's no denying that the fans have captured the headache inducing colours and sproings, along with the vomit inducing camera swirls. However they managed it, I hope Sega are appreciative of the frankly astonishingly professional job that people have done for the love of their game. It's not as if they were ever going to bring Unleashed to the PC, and with the extra power the PC and the engine has, it's probably the best version of Unleashed.

Cover image for YouTube video

Like it? Still have Generations installed on your PC? Here you go.

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