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Bounce from one mortal peril to another in Merrily Perilly

It's like Final Destination, but cute

Ever been poisoned without healing or a cure potion in an RPG? Prompting a mad dash into danger to find something - anything - that will prolong your life just a few moments longer? Upcoming comedy adventure Merrily Perilly is about this kind of looming peril writ large, with you leading bumbling protagonist Perry from one impending doom to the next, with each successive fix being more dangerous than the ailment that got you there in the first place.

Merrily Perilly is the latest from prolific little indie dev Squiddershins, previously of the likes of Tick Tock Isle and the adorable Cat Poke. It looks to be a little bit darker than their previous output, but no less silly. The game promises a broadly branching story, with each ill-fated solution to each problem leading to a different set of even worse problems to solve. And to think that it all starts with Perry just being thirsty. Judging by the trailer below, there's much worse waiting for him, including swarms of bees, haunting by ghosts or even just being on fire.

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Despite being a positively daft little thing, Merrily Perilly has been in the works for a very long time, with prototype builds floating around as early as 2013. It just goes to show that the best jokes are the ones you hold onto and wait for the perfect moment to drop them on the world. Of course, the game looks to be built around time pressure as well, which I know will put some people off, but surely we've learnt from Minit that messy groundhog day situations can be fun? Especially if there's multiple solutions to each escalating problem.

You can grab the current early access version of Merrily Perilly for $4 here on, or wishlist the game here on Steam.

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