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See Metrico+'s Infographic Worlds In New Trailer

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Infographic puzzle-platformer Metrico+ [official site] is nearing its release date (I am excited about this because stats nerd x sucker for a lovely art style = I am this game's target audience) and THUS! we have a trailer to gawp at/assess. It features a bunch of the new worlds which have been added since the original Metrico's Vita release.


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Ignore the Playstation branding. There's Playstation branding on everything now. Even you. It's on the bit of your back you can't see or reach. Anyway, ignore it because the game is also coming to PC.

What the trailer shows is a world reacting to the data you are giving it by playing. That's actually what pretty much all games do in some form or another but this makes the relationship between cause and effect visible and playing with those visualisations is how you end up at this explorable interactive agglomeration of infographics. It's about constantly assessing what your actions are doing to the terrain and working out what the exact cause and effect is at a given time.

Metrico was originally released on the PS Vita but Metrico+ is positioned as a reworking rather than a port:

“The response we got from both the many players and press on the original game for PlayStation Vita was extremely positive, and one of the most heard comments was that people wanted to play the game on platforms other than the Vita as well”, said Digital Dreams Level Designer Roy van de Mortel. “With Metrico+, we can now finally give players the opportunity to experience the world of Metrico on all major platforms, along with new content that is 100% exclusive to this version. Both old and new players are sure to find something to love in this completely redesigned version of Metrico, whether it’s the mechanics, puzzles, visuals or story!"

I don't know about you but I'm kind of reading this as: "We really love the idea of this game but is there any way of playing it not on a Vita because I don't have a Vita kthxbai."

Anyhoodle, Metrico+ will be coming to Steam and consoles (whatever a "console" is) on 23 August.

Here's the Steam store page. It'll be priced at $13.99 / €13.99.

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