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Cyberpunk, Open World Hotline Miami-like Metrocide Is Out

Murder in the metro

I can think of a dozen easy ways to describe Metrocide - Teleglitch in a city, Grand Theft Auto 1 but cyberpunk, Hotline Miami but with an open world and stealth. If I'm skipping analogies, it's a top-down game with permadeath about completing a series of dynamic contract killings in a futuristic city under heavy surveillance by bystanders and floating police droids. It sounds pretty cool, and it's out now after a short Early Access period with a launch trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoMETROCIDE: Launch Trailer

You use the money you gain from completing killings to fund the purchase of better guns and tools - or if you were spotted doing something only a bad person would do, you use that money to cover up your misdeeds so the police won't shoot you on sight. It was pretty hard to begin when it launched in beta in October, but version 1.0 brings with it difficulty modes - including Tough and Impossible - along with some UI tweaks, tutorial improvements and other fixes explained on the game's Steam news page.

On the subject of difficulty, here's what Chris Livingston had to say about it when he played the alpha for Lighthouse Customer:

On my third try, my victim walks out of range while my crappy gun is charging and my shot falls short. He spins to look at me, then runs. I chase him through the streets and he vanishes inside a building to safety. My fourth try: another eyewitness calls another drone and I’m dead. My fifth time: I gun down my mark, and a citizen predictably runs out into the street towards me. I’m ready this time, though, already charging my pistol to eliminate him before he can squeal. Turns out, the citizen has no intention of squealing. He pulls out a gun and shoots me in the face. A vigilante. A vigilante? A vigilante. Jeeeezus.

Funny difficulty. It's £10/$13 on Steam but 15% off for launch week.

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