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Bring your Shadow of Mordor nemesis to Shadow of War

BYON - Bring Your Own Nemesis

When Middle-earth: Shadow of War [official site] arrives in October, players will be fight alongside their worst enemy from the first game with their dearest friend. Warner Bros. today added the 'Nemesis Forge' to Shadow of Mordor, which can transfer your top Nemesis and most loyal follower over to the sequel. The Nemesis system was the most exciting idea of Mordor -- and one that far too few games have copied, both Adam and John will tell you -- as random foes became unique recurring loathed enemies, changing and growing after each fight.

Oh, but if you haven't played Shadow of Mordor, good news: it's free to play in full this weekend, and on sale with a big discount too.

Here, this video shows how to use the Nemesis Forge:

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Which Nemesis will you bring over, gang? What sort of twisted weirdo did your feuds breed?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is due on October 10th, priced at £44.99/59,99€/$59.99.

Before then, all and sundry are invited to play Shadow of Mordor through Steam until Sunday at 1pm Pacific (9pm UK time). If you want it for keepsies, an 80% discount offered until Monday makes it £3.20/4€/$4.00.

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