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Mobius Final Fantasy falling from pocket onto PC

No boyband roadtrip yet

Now that consoleers have enjoyed two months of the beautiful anime boyband roadtrip that is Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix have announced that we PCnauts will soon finally start fantasying ourselves with- oh, a port of free-to-play mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy [official site]. Grumble grumble. Mobius might be a smashing game, for all I know, but it's not the boyband barbecue I crave. What dreadful teases they are. But! If you've been waiting for confirmation of the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC, I'm sure you'll be contented with news that Mobius will borrow resources from it for a crossover event. That's enough, aye?

Mobius Final Fantasy has been on PC in Japan since November but February 6th will see it come westwards, free-to-play via Steam. Mobius, to briefly explain, is a Final Fantasy RPG blended with a pinch of card-battling. There's some fantasy thing afoot, so you fight monsters. Get it? Got it? Good. The PC release will support sharing saves with the pocket version, and naturally will be prettier. Project lead Naoki Hamaguchi says:

"We no longer needed to compress assets to shrink the data size like we do for mobile devices, so the 3D resources are much higher in resolution. Furthermore, we did not have to be conscious about saving power when considering frame rate, so players will be able to enjoy the game in extremely high quality in the realm of 60fps to 120fps. Another feature worth mentioning is that we will also support 4K resolution. Players will be able to enjoy a much richer experience that differs from mobile devices, something closer to a console experience."

One day after launch, February 7th, Squeenix will launch an event smooshing in a Final Fantasy VII Remake "collaboration." They proudly say that it's built with resources from the Remake, which sorta stings given that we've still no idea whether we'll ever see that.

Squeenix have become a lot better with PC, and have steadily ported decades of FF games to PC, so their silence on The Good Stuff is still so strange. Mobius is not the announcement I expected or wanted. But I've not played it. Maybe you have? If so, do tell us all what it's like, yeah?

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