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Mod Gods

Over at Moddb, they've announced their not-that-shortlist of the 100 best mods released this year, as voted for by their readers. Or, more likely, by the various and rabid fanbases of the respective mods. Which sort of means that whichever mod has the busiest forum/ most militant fans wins. I guess that's no different from any other form of modern democracy, really. Suggestion to Moddb: lock a load of PC gamers in your cellar, force them to play mods all day every day, but don't let them anywhere near the internet. Then, each Christmas, tell them to vote for their favourite just before you treat them to their annual festive whipping. It's the only way to be sure.

Anyway, there's a load of excellent mods we've gibbered about on RPS over the past six months (goodness, we've gotten old. I hope the kids still think we're hip) in the list.

A quick scan turns up Minerva, Half-Life 2 Wars, First Contact: Planetfall, Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Fortress Forever, Battlestar Galactica Beyond The Red Line and Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander.

It's an impressive line-up, and confirms it's been a very good year for mods. It feels like amateur projects are truly nipping at the multi-million-dollar heels of commerical games now - most especially in terms of ambition. And pleasingly wilful disregard for intellectual property copyright, natch.

Avail yourself of the usefully-collected download links and vote for your favourites here. We expect you to have played all 100 mods by tomorrow lunchtime.

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