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Mod News: Golden Duck

It's been a slow week in mod news. Well, actually, that's not necessarily true. It's been a week of lots of things, but comparatively few interesting things. To the point where one of the links below is to bloody weapon renders, the absolute bane of Slow News Week on ModDB. A few nuggets of intrigue appear, though - have a read beneath the jump for this week's picks.

- The Make Something Unreal tournament has a winner! It's The Haunted! The Ball and Planetside PlaneStorm took home second and third prize, and all absolutely deserve the plaudits. Full list of the mighty and victorious here.

- The delightfully monikered Autumn Duck has been announced for Unreal Tournament 3. Initially a student project, it's now in the process of being tidied up for release. It has ninjas in it, and you can dress up as a geisha to sneak past guards. Which is just tremendous.

- Fan-made sequel to Opposing Force, imaginatively titled Opposing Force 2, releases some new pictures of guns. It gets away with making an entire news post about pictures of guns by actually looking very pretty.

- Goldeneye: Source reaches Beta 4. As the word "beta" suggests, there are still a few problems kicking about, but it's good quality stuff. Lots of information here, including an outtakes video, which is delightful, except for the bit where it says something a bit offensive and questionable.

- Er, lots of Half-Life 2 stuff this week. Next up is Zeitgeist, which has released a sizable collection of media. This one's looking rather exciting, actually.

- New Portal mod announced. Blue Portals claims to "put the logic and thinking back into Portal." Did I miss the bit where they took it all out? Sounds strange. I'm /sure/ Portal had lots of logic and thinking in it.

- Play Operation Market Garden for delicious coins! The Company of Heroes mod's developers are offering a series of cash-based prizes to those who can play their mod really well. How to prove it? By winning in a two-versus-two tournament, of course. Sign up on the forum - you have until the 28th to do so.

- New Radiator episode due ne- oh, wait, Kieron did this already.

- Do you hate swearing in mods? Lots of people seem to hate swearing in mods, for some reason. I don't understand it, as everyone knows it's clever and hilarious to say rude words as frequently as possible.

More, as always, on UserCreated.

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