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Mod News: Legal Beagle

My friend's gone on holiday this week and left me in the possession of her prized DS. Which has nothing at all to do with mods (or, indeed, PC gaming), but does mean that I've been able to pour every waking second into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and still compile a fairly sizeable list of interesting mod news from the past seven days (and a bit beyond). Below the jump is where you'll find it all. Now, if you'll excuse me, OBJECTION!

- An interesting new Dragon Age campaign has emerged from the user-created scene. It's called Fragments of Ferelden, and 'parrently 'sgood. Boasting three hours of adventuring, the mod pits you as a young knight-errant who stands alone against an army of Darkspawn in "a very different version of Ferelden". Grab it here.

- Call of Duty 2 might be hundreds of millions of years old, but people are still playing around with mods for it. There's some new video footage of 1936-1939: The Spanish Civil War, which sounds like the title of an A-Level history essay or something, but is actually the single-player sequel to CoD2 multiplayer mod 1936: Spain in Flames. Have a gander at the video on YouTube.

- There's an unofficial expansion pack for BattleZone II on the way. How exciting! It appears to function essentially as the collected works of the Battlezone II modding community, piecing them all together into a more complete package. Here's a big news update. It's coming soon, apparently.

- It's not grown-up laugh at bad translations, especially in news posts from amateur mod developers. You'd think ModDB would be kind and tidy them up a bit before posting to the front page, if there's something that's really obviously not quite come out of Google Translate correctly. Either way, I must admit I did smile a little when I read that, in upcoming Crysis mod Butterfly, "the woman you incarnate is a former police." Er... which is to say there's been some details unveiled about an interesting sounding Crysis mod called Butterfly. It's a third-person piece set in a fantasy universe. Here's some news gameplay's informations.

- HL2 mod Kingdoms Collide was patched last week, but it didn't work for everyone. Here's a full install of the whole mod, patched up, which seems to do the trick.

- More HL2 multiplayer: The dev team behind Exterminatus, which was okay, detail their planned updates for the mod.

- Aaaaand still on HL2, racing total-conversion SHIFT has been looking swanky for rather a while. It's moved over to the Orange Box engine now, and will no longer require Episode One to play. Here's a big load of in-progress vids.

- have been playing around with the StarCraft 2 editing tools. Particularly interesting is the revelation that it's possible to turn the game into a third-person shooter or an RPG, provided you know a bit of coding. There's also some information about the new marketplace, which will allow developers to sell their mods to other players. Which is a bit unprecedented, and will be intriguing to see how it all works.

- Robert Radiator Yang's design blog is increasingly interesting. I'm a bit late with this one, but here's what happened when he showed Valve his mod Handle With Care.

- Somebody very handsome has written about Dan "Dear Esther and Korsakovia" Pinchbeck's work in this week's Escapist. Pinchbeck has some interesting things to say about horror games, actually.

More - including our ongoing 'Unmissable Mods Month' feature - over at UserCreated.

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