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Mod News: Losing Track Of Time

OH CRAP, IT'S ALMOST WEDNESDAY. Which means I've spent the last seven days forgetting to compile a list of the latest interesting mod-happenings, and since Gentleman Jim needs my copy by tonight, I'm having to do it all now. Even though I should totally be tidying my flat, which I also forgot to keep on top of this last week. Right then. Mods. Here's your lot.

- Ooh, a truckload of Just Cause 2 mods. Particularly interesting is talk of a multiplayer mod. The only thing more brilliant than tethering people to other people would be tethering real people to other real people.

- No idea what the name's about, but Thieveous looks rather interesting. It's a Doom 3 sneak-em-up, looking a bit like Thief and thus being the second exciting prospect in Doom 3-based stealthing in recent times. Here's a big news update, with images and videos. They might want to think about scaling back the HDR lighting, since it almost made me blind.

- HL2 mod Tension features first-person grappling-hook platforming. Which should sell you on it already, I'm sure. The team's also posted an interesting video about how the level design style has progressed through the testing process.

- First Strike, an ongoing Star Wars-based Battlefield 2142 mod project, is recruiting all sorts of folks to help work on its next update.

- Still on Battlefield but two centuries earlier, Eve of Destruction has a new version out.

- Firearms: Source drops dedicated servers and introduces something called FANet.

- Oh, no, it was an APRIL LIE.

- HL2 scary-spooky mod Visage is looking very promising. Here's some new info and media.

- ModDB starts charging for membership OH NO THAT WAS AN APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE AS WELL. At least, I /assume/ it was. Writing up news from the 1st April is a /nightmare/. I wish we just stuck fish on each other's backs like the French.

- I really like Blue Portals' art style.

As usual, here's the obligatory plug for UserCreated, where you can quite literally read blog posts about mods. Ta-ra!

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