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Mod News: Sourcey

Honestly, people: there is more than one game to make mods for. You wouldn't know it from this week's bunch, though. I've trawled the internet far and wide, and the vast majority of mod news from the past seven days has gravitated conspicuously towards a single title. Never mind, though, as some of it looks rather good. Onwards!

- This looks splendid. A Half-Life 2 mod, The Nightmare Chronicles actually seems like something produced via Psychonauts-meets-Tim Burton imagery. This mod has been going for a while, but I only just noticed via this week's news update.

- Crazy HL2 mod GraviNULL, which released an alpha build last week, is preparing a beta with new game types and the like.

- The Dear Esther remake is half finished! And still looks absolutely, ludicrously gorgeous. I am convinced that, in a few months time, Robert Briscoe will laugh in all our faces and say, "What, you actually believed those were /screenshots/?" For example, Half-Life 2 mods don't look like this.

- HL2 mod Kontroll releases a new vi... hang on! These are all HL2 mods! Again! Is no one making anything other than HL2 mods these days? Anyway, there's a new in-game video here, over which people are arguing about the usefulness of text hints. I quite like them.

- Okay. Battlefield 2142 mod Revenge of the Fallen has released a new video. The team is also looking for new recruits, and is angry with the amount of people telling them off for using Battlefield 2 content in a 2142 mod, even though they have permission from EA and DICE.

- So, we did Desura at length the other day, but also of note is its position in the finals of the We Got Game competition at this week's Game Developers Conference. In fact, the judging will probably be going on around about now. I, er, can't actually find for the life of me what the prize is. But presumably something good.

- While we're on Desura, here are some tasty quotes from Scott Reismanis that didn't make the RPS interview.

- There's quite a bit more, but it's all HL2 related still, so I'll try to condense. Zeitgeist updates with new screenshots. Overgrown: The Unknown announces its existence. Visage reminds everyone how pretty it's looking. And...

- ...Actually, this might be worth a bullet point of its own. Half-Life 2: Episode Two Enhansed (sic) (ugh, I know) adds a load of new particle effects and other such gumph into the Ep2 engine. It actually looks rather nice.

More, as always, on UserCreated.

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