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Mod News: Variety Show

The mod scene's been impressively varied this week. This means only a quarter of the news below the jump has anything to do with Half-Life 2. That might sound like a lot, but, y'know. We're usually talking about ABSOLUTE DOMINATION. Still, my favourite snippett comes from Valve's good old game, and is a delightfully silly new release that manages to be simultaneously awful and brilliant. Whatever could it be? Clicking below will reveal all.

- The first chapter of Half-Life 2 mod Zombie Zoo has been released. I played through this yesterday, and there should be a review up on UserCreated some time today. In short: totally and utterly rubbish, and one of my favourite mods so far this year.

- Also in HL2, Orion's having a media week, during which it's posting a load of new stuff to ModDB every day. Here's the news feed. This is actually looking really promising, with some particularly delightful BIG SPACE ARMOUR demonstrated. Beta 1's been available for a while, but there are supposedly some decent changes and additions on the way for this version.

- Missed this a while back, so here we go: Dune Wars has a new version released. The Civilization IV mod based on Frank Herbert's famous novels now has a bunch of new units, buildings, art and game mechanics buried beneath its alien surface, and is apparently excellent.

- Starcraft 2 mod! Already! And it's Warcraft IV, a "highly ambitious project that will utlilise the immense power of the Galaxy Editor in order to breathe life into the Warcraft RTS series once more." Sounds nice, but highly ambitious often equals disastrously unfinishable. Isn't that right, Kieron?

- Velociraptor Job Interview Simulator Pro. VELOCIRAPTOR JOB INTERVIEW SIMULATOR PRO!

- There's a beta of Crysis mod Momentum out. People were rather hostile about this one last time I mentioned it. Too grey, or something. Not played it yet. Have you?

- FIFA Manager 09 Total Reality Mod is getting ready for the good old foot-to-ball global trophy happenings, and adding other new stuff to boot. Actually, am I allowed to do the "foot-to-ball" gag? I am actually rather fond of football. At least I managed to work in a "boot" gag, too. I am extraordinary. Not to mention extraordinarily sorry.

- Napoleon: Total War's getting a WW1 mod. Originally in development from Empire, it's now officially made the switch. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

We are actually going to start updating UserCreated more than every couple of days, I promise. Tom and I have been shamefully neglecting the site due to having to write to make money and that, and Orfeo's off being busy elsewhere. Andrea, bless him, has been blogging like a trooper, and I shall endeavour to join him right away. So do keep checking for modulicious updates.

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