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Mod News: Where Is The News?

So it's confirmed, then: the modding community is conspiring against me, with yet another week of not-that-much-interesting-happening. To be fair, we do have a couple of interesting HL2 bits cropping up this week, and yet another Stalker Complete mod released. The rest is perhaps less fascinating to my eager brain. What's here, though, is... well, here:

- Remember Human Error, the almost-very-good singleplayer Half-Life 2 mod? Before they unleash Episode Two on the world, its dev team are creating a Left 4 Dead style co-op mode. Except there's a difference. There's a traitor among the pack. An interesting concept, and one I look forward to seeing in practice.

- Stalker: Clear Sky Complete is released. Once again, it's a Stalker mod of the Complete series that purports to fix lots of errors, expand upon the game's mechanics, and make things look and sound a lot prettier than what once was. I particularly like the look of the skies in this one. Problem is, Clear Sky was kinda fundamentally flawed, and I don't expect it does much to fix that.

- Half-Life 2 multiplayer mod Battle Grounds reaches Version 2.0. This version introduces changes to weapon and ammo selection, a new class, a bunch of new animations, new maps, improved historical accuracy and a big graphics and audio overhaul. As well as new player skins, including this delightful one.

- In more Half-Life 2 news, singleplayer mod Combine Destiny 2 emerges from the ashes with its first update in two years. Screenshots look reasonable.

- There's a parkour mod for Crysis coming up. It's called Momentum, and is due for release in the next few days. I will endeavour to report back.

- Can't quite work out what's going on with this. There's been some news posted to the Severance: Blade of Darkness ModDB page, rather than that of a specific mod, which features a couple of videos. It's part of a new project, apparently, but that's about all the information I've managed to gather. I remember first playing Severance back in 2001, and being astounded by the shadow and water effects. I've not played it since, but judging by this footage it still looks rather pretty, so mods are always appreciated.

- Dune Wars Version 1.8 for Civilization IV has been released. New units, buildings, art and mechanics, so the team says. Personally, I still cringe when I type that 'Z' instead of an 'S'. Clearly not the mod team's fault, but, y'know, I need a scapegoat. THE BASTS.

- Talking of basts, Alec's already posted about what is perhaps the week's most interesting mod news: Fall From Heaven is going standalone. So, y'know, just click that link. Bloody RPS editors, coming over here and stealing our jobs. Specifically, mine.

- An inventory in Half-Life 2. Let's hope it's put to good use.

- Why Robert Radiator Yang should use Visgroups.

- Why modders should start doing stuff.

More, if it actually happens, at UserCreated.

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