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ModDB Mod of the Year 2007 Results

If you're the sort to hang around Mod sites over the last few months, you'll have noticed a not negligible chunk of them urging their fanbases into voting for them at ModDB's yearly awards. Well, their politicing's effects have finally been revealed, as results have been announced over at ModDB. This follows on from their Top 100 mods (and indie games) of the year, as well as the forthcoming Top 100 mods (and indie games) their readers are excited by. It's an interesting look at the pulse of the industry, as ModDB tends to move in more mainstream circles than most of the coverage of the indie games (it is, after all, primarily modDB). And it is a popular democratic vote meaning cultural elitists will be growling loudly (Put it like this: The Indie game winner isn't something that you'll see in the IGF). Probably the most relaxing way is to watch the twenty-minute video, with plenty of footage. That said, you could just read the top 5 unreleased mods, top 5 indie games and - drumroll! - top 5 mods of 2007. Except due to ModDB's set-up, all those links lead to the same page and you have to turn to the next one a few times to get there.

You could just read our round-up, beneath the cut. There's an idea.


1) Zombie Panic: Source
2) Jurassic Park.
3) Barney's Tales.
4) Mechwarrior: Living Legends
5) Operation Black Mesa

Plain old Black Mesa missed out its chance in the Top 5, because it appeared in last year's poll and as such was inadmissible. Of course, Zombie Panic is available to download now, but wasn't actually out when the voting was going on.


1) BSG: Beyond the Red Line
2) Red Alert: A Path Beyond
3) Warsow
4) World of Padman
5) Tremulous.

Special mentions were also given to Infinity and Apocalypse Rising, but they aren't out so were kind of inadmissible.


1) Insurgency.
2) Project Reality.
3) Empires.
4) Forgotten Hope.
5) Minerva.

Congratulations to all the winners. Congratulations to ModDB for running the poll. Congratulations to everyone who voted. Hell, congratulations to everyone who read his post. Let's all have a big hug. And congratulations to anyone who says what they think of the results in the comments thread below.

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