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ModDB's Mod of the Year awards voting is open

Win games by voting

Mods used to be my thing. I worked on mods, made mods, wrote about mods, spent all my time trawling terrible personal websites for more mods. Now my engagement with them extends no further than browsing the occasional Steam Workshop and poking around at ModDB. The latter is now running their annual Mod of the Year awards, in which you can nominate your favourite mod released this year and which will ultimately result in a Top 100 list and a set of prize winners.

ModDB have been running this for fifteen years and it always turns up a set of work I haven't heard of before and which has had a frightening number of years poured into it by dedicated modders. That's in part because it tends to extend beyond the few major games whose mods you hear about - eg. Skyrim. Last year's winner for example was the Edain mod for strategy game Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King.

This year winners get promoted across the ModDB sites and win, er, a pewter pocket watch. Hey, it's almost Christmas. Who's the most popular kitchen utensil influencer on YouTube? PewterPie.

You also get the chance to win a free game from this collection by going over and voting at ModDB. Voting will run for another 12 days, with the top 100 being announced in 2 days time. And aside from mods, you can also vote for your Indie Game of the Year at IndieDB.

As mentioned above, I play very few mods nowadays, beyond individual buildings I've plugged into Cities: Skylines. What's been good this year?

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