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Mods News: Mega, Man!

This week's mod news is characterised by the inclusion of a couple of genuinely interesting looking mods for ancient games. And by ancient, I'm talking at least ten years old. What age were you ten years ago? I was knocking on twelve! Man! I hope I've now made everyone feel really, really old.

Anyway, the games in question are Unreal Tournament and, somewhat curiously, Half-Life's first expansion Opposing Force. Find out what people are doing to them, and a whole host of other things, below.

- So, the revelation this week is that we're still doing original Unreal Tournament mods, apparently. Which is fine, when one of them takes various game mechanics from the Mega Man series and recreates them in an FPS mould. Maverick Hunters does just that, recreating Mega Man's user interface and letting you do things like jump up walls. I really need to find my copy of Unreal Tournament. Grab the mod here.

- This Red Alert 3 mod almost feels like it's verging on piracy, only it's not, so it's grand. Upheaval takes various bits of exclusive to the RE3 expansion, Uprising, recreates them and drops them right back into the original game. You can download it from here, and there's even the source code available.

- HL2 single-player mod Zombie Escape releases out of nowhere, and is... well, rather unremarkable indeed. But it does lead me to think about how its format could be used in more accomplished productions. More detailed thoughts here.

- People keep shouting at me to mention a certain update to a certain Battlefield 2 mod, and I keep forgetting, and, look, I'm sorry, okay? I promise, it won't happen again. Honestly.

- Anyway, in other news... just kidding. Project Reality hit version 0.9. There. Happy now?

- I haven't played this yet, but given that fellow UserCreated blogger Andrea Varotsis headlined his write-up "This S**t Is Bananas," I'm willing to speculate that Gravinull is an absolutely insane multiplayer mod for HL2 involving roller mines to an unusual degree. Says Andrea: "It’s entirely playable with one hand, which might be a plus, I suppose. Or a foot, if you’re feeling particularly brave." Download it.

- More HL2 - my goodness, there's a lot of HL2 this week, isn't there? - in the form of pretty screenshots of Prison Island.

- Okay, to offset all this Half-Life 2 stuff, let's go back in time to HL: Opposing Force. Because someone, bizarrely, is modding that. It has new screenshots. And its lead developer has a new job, as well, which is nice for him.

- Orfeo Mattar's doing a series on what not to do if you're thinking of making a mod.

- Missed this last week, despite linking to the trailer itself, but Robert Yang writes a little bit about the delightful things that NPCs did of their own accord while he shot video for the Radiator Trailer.

Oh, on another note, is anyone a dab hand with Hammer Editor? And if so, do you want to help me remake/finish Post Script? Because it turns out I'm rubbish at actually building stuff architecturally in Source's level editor. But I have a design document and a script written up and everything! I assume my RPS email address, which is linked from my name above, redirects to my Gmail account. (It doesn't seem to redirect anywhere, actually, so perhaps you should contact Lewis here while we fix that. - RPS)

More mod news, as always, at UserCreated. We also have a Twitter account and a Steam group, don't cha know? We might actually start using them if people care.

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