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Monitor makers AOC are getting into gaming headsets

Coming in May 2021

AOC are best known for their excellent gaming monitors, but now the display makers are getting into a new area of PC gaming: the humble headset. Launching this May, the AOC GH200 and GH300 will both come with 50mm neodynium drivers like many of the other top gaming headsets out there right now, as well as detachable, omnidirectional microphones. The best part, though, is that these wired headsets are only set to cost £39 and £49 apiece.

That's pretty cheap as far as gaming headsets go, and I'll be keen to see if they can knock Roccat's Elo X Stereo off its best budget headset perch when they release in just a couple of months time.

My money's on the cheaper GH200. This headset connects to PC over a simple 3.5mm audio jack (it comes with a splitter in the box) and shares the same overall design as its more expensive sibling, including its leatherette memory foam ear cushions and adjustable steed headband. It also comes with the same 2m braided cable.

AOC's GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

The GH300, on the other hand, connects to PC over USB and adds virtual 7.1 surround sound support to the mix. Its AOC logos on the outer ear cups also light up with four RGB modes, which can be controlled from its inline remote along with its volume controls and on/off microphone switches. Its microphone also has an LED in it to show when you're on mute, too - which isn't bad for an extra tenner.

Gaming headsets aren't the first PC peripherals AOC have dipped their toes into, either. Early last year, AOC unveiled their first mice and keyboards, which ended up releasing in late September. Back then, AOC released regular and premium Agon branded peripherals to match their Agon gaming monitors, so it's possible we may even more headsets from AOC in the coming months that are even fancier. For now, though, I'm very much looking forward to trying out these more budget-friendly headsets when they launch in May, so stay tuned for further impressions.

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