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Monster Forest: Angelbear Will Eat Your Soul

I started the day over at Five Players where Emily extols her love for free-to-play Pokemon-esque MMO Monster Forest. Specifically, Monster Forest's adverts. They're really quite the thing. "This is the closest you’ll ever come to a fusion between professional video games advertisement and a long monologue introducing porn," says Emily, "It’s the kind of video that wasn’t even recorded in a studio. It just manifested itself like that video in The Ring. In seven days H.R. Pufnstuf is going to crawl out of your laptop and force himself upon you in a tight, lingering hug." Go read what else she has to say. Some of the videos and my editorial notes follow...

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My particular favourite bit is where 5:02 she informs you that you can have "Human pets", which sets a whole quite disturbing lifestyle S&M undertone to the whole thing.

This is the one Emily linked to, and has a whole lot more of Angelbear...

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I want to know what Angelbear is doing to that Teapot at the end. I think it's wrong.

You can follow Kanny's blogging here, where her current interest is doing POV photos at foodstuffs. And... I just had the enormously scary experience of having a video playing in one of my tabs,and me being incapable of finding which one, leading me for one horrific moment to consider it was playing inside my head and I would have GM Kanny chirping at me for the rest of my days.

I need to stop playing Amnesia before bed.

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