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Procedural Horror Monstrum Leaves Early Access


An escape-o-survive-a-horror game where not only does the world change shape every time you play, you're not even sure which 'orrible monster you're facing either is an interesting idea. That's Monstrum [official site], made by Team Junkfish, which Marsh wasn't wholly enamoured with when he played the version on Steam Early Access. Wasn't his cup of tea, y'ken?

But you, maybe you like scuttling around corridors, scavenging for supplies, and squeezing into lockers as horrible, horrible monsters pace outside. If you do, but only in finished games, hey: Monstrum hit version 1.0 and launched out of Early Access this week.

Monstrum's set on a vast ship, its maze of corridors procedurally generated each time, where you're trying desperately to find a life raft, helicopter or other way off the ship because something is there with you. Monstrum has three types of monster, each with very different behaviour, and one of them will be loose with you. You will not know which it is at first. Which sounds awful. So off you go, dashing and sneaking through the guts off the ship, gathering items to get past obstacles, fix broken stuff to aid your escape, or distract or stun the monster if things really go wrong.

With horror so dominated by Slenderlikes now, I like the sound of the direction this goes in. I won't play it because I'm a ridiculous giant baby, but on paper I dig the idea.

Monstrum will run you £11.99/14,99€/$17.99 on Steam. Here's the launch trailer:

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